The Brain Observatory conducts research exclusively with human subjects. The success of our studies depends on the willing participation of people who believe that they can change the course of science and personally advance research on brain disease.

If a picture is worth a thousand words; then, a brain is worth thousands of pictures
— Dr. Jacopo Annese

To honor the unique and invaluable partnership that we have built with research subjects, we are re-designing new laboratories based on principles of transparency and accountability. We also turn our attention to issue that are urgent and that affect many individuals, the communities they represent and society as a whole.

Our model differs from the way science is managed and conducted in major universities because we have designed protocols to benefit project participants directly and to share the results and data with our constituency ahead of formal publication in peer-reviewed journals.


In 2009, we started a local brain donation program that we continue to support today. Examining the brain postmortem is the only way to make an accurate diagnosis and crucially, it is the only way to visualize the actual mechanisms of brain diseases at the cellular level.

From our perspective, donating the brain for research is equivalent to willing a precious painting to a museum of art. Indeed, like an art museum, we preserve, study and ‘exhibit’ the brain so that anyone with a connection to the internet, anywhere in the world, can learn from each unique case.

See for yourself how we have transformed the brain of the most important patient in the history of neuroscience into a public library of images and data open for everyone to explore.

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