Donating the brain for research is equivalent to willing a precious painting to a museum of art. Indeed, like an art museum, we preserve, study and ‘exhibit’ the brain so that anyone with a connection to the internet, anywhere in the world, can learn from each unique case.

The Brain Observatory’s brain bank is designed to correlate brain anatomy and pathology with symptoms and experiences of actual patients.

Like a Rosetta Stone for the human brain, it will allow researchers predict and improve future patients' outcomes by matching them to the data and histories of those who donated to our program before.

The Brain Observatory’s brain bank is digitally-powered, which means that each donated brain is processed to become a data set that can be examined by researchers world-wide via the web. Each anatomical image is matched to a whole-brain tissue slice that can be requested for study by other laboratories. 

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Please use the form to request information or if you are already enrolled in The Brain Observatory’s brain bank and you would like us to get in touch with you. We will send you updated documents and schedule a new MRI scan.

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  1. Submitting this form does not constitute or guarantee enrollment in The Brain Observatory's brain bank.

  2. The telephone number on brain donor’s cards issued by The Brain Observatory between 2009 and 2014 is still valid. It is only to be used in case of critical decline or if a death has occurred. For information please use the form above.